27 June 2007

Update on Little E's Condition

We had to take E to the urgent care Friday night. He had what looked like a zit form on his thigh a few days ago. We thought it would go away, but on Friday night it was getting huge. So off to the urgent care we went. Fortunately we were almost the only ones there. They said they generally are only really busy in the winter and around the 4th of July. The doctor thought that he a bit of a staff infection and gave us a prescription for antibiotics.

After two days of grape-flavored antibiotics things were not looking better. He just was not himself. He was not eating and drinking well. The growth on his leg was not getting smaller and seemed to have enlarged. There was obviously a puss filled center to the growth. He would not put pressure on his leg and would keep it out and not close to himself. We went back to the urgent care and after some deliberation they decided to admit him to Children’s Mercy Hospital. He already lost about 1 pound from Friday to Sunday. He was pretty dehydrated and they ended up having to give him an IV. But because he is a little guy coupled with his being dehydrated they had to use the vein in his head. Needless to say the little guy was pretty beat up after all this. I ended up staying at the hospital

The next day he was getting back to his normal self. They decided to drain the growth on his leg and basically get out all the bad and pack it. He went into surgery on Monday afternoon and came through just peachy. He was able to put weight on his leg again. Of course through it all he still smiles and laughs and has a general sunny disposition – except of course when he is getting poked and prodded.

Today when I walked in I was greeted with a gown area sign at the door to his room. It turns out his issue is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The form of MRSA he was exposed to (through an open would we theorize) was not being treated by the particular antibiotic he was being given. So they will start him on another antibiotic that will treat the MRSA strain he has according to the culture. It sounded like he will be able to go home today. We will monitor him from home for the next week and a half.

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