15 June 2007

St. Louis Trip

I had decided that I wanted to see one of my favorite radio personalities live. Glenn Beck, I know what you may be thinking but the guy really speaks to me when it comes to family life and what is important in life, was doing a comedy tour (An Inconvenient Tour - about life not really mocking Al Gore) and one of his tour stops was in St. Louis. Well that was the closest stop to Kansas City. I bought two tickets thinking one of my colleagues would go with me. As it turned out, my colleague backed out (something to do with being gone from home and not wanting to upset his with). So I asked Uncle O if he wanted to go. He said yes and then we decided to make a family trip out of it.

K, M, E, and I packed up and headed out on Saturday afternoon. In the commotion I forgot the camera. K had schedule a work meeting for early Saturday afternoon so we did not end up leaving until 1:30 PM. It was 6 PM before we made it to St. Louis. Uncle O was already at the hotel. We had some dinner and Uncle O and I drove to the fabulous Fox Theatre. K stayed in the hotel room with M and E. Naturally, I had to go to the kennel. Supposedly he enjoyed his stay.

The theatre was fabulous. It was either well refurbished or well maintained, I could not tell. There were ornate carvings everywhere in the theatre. The style of carvings was Asian influenced with an Asian inspired goddess prominently displayed on either side of the stage and in the entrance to the theatre. The Fox Theatre is one of those grand old theatres. It feels right to see a stage show in one of those. Glenn Beck did a decent show. Since I did not know if I would ever see a show of his again I got some good tickets. They were 4 rows back in the center. It was full of laughter. He talked about the many inconveniences of life from everyday events to parenting.

Uncle O and I headed back to the hotel after the show. I would not have minded going to Schlafly Brewery and having a brew, but I thought it better to head back to the hotel. I thought we would be able to go the next day anyway for lunch (I had been there a few times about 8 years ago when I was working in St. Louis and they had some good food). E was not enjoying the pack-n-play. We spent a restless night trying to get him to sleep. Through it all M slept. Nice.

The next day after brunch Uncle O left and we did some swimming in the hotel pool. We basically had to because M insisted and it was a big selling point of the trip with her. After swimming we packed up with the intention of going to the St. Louis Zoo. It was close to lunch but not enough time after the brunch so we bypassed Schlafly Brewery. Oh well, next time I told myself.

If you ever been to St. Louis you know it is a fairly nice city. It once hosted the 1904 World's Fair and you can tell from its layout and grandiose of the city central buildings. The zoo does not disappoint (I refuse to go the Kansas City Zoo because I literally get depressed by the half-assed way they have done the zoo). The St. Louis Zoo is a world class zoo and you can tell from the way it is laid out. The zoo was originally constructed for the 1904 World's Fair and some of the buildings reflect the construction of that era. We did not spend as much time as I wanted, but I think we will be back to St. Louis because it has so much to offer and there is much more to see in St. Louis than the arch.

Photo of Uncle O with M and E at ORiver's house.

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Owen said...

I agree, I thought it was a fun trip to St. Louis.... On the other hand I agree with K that next time she gets to pick out the hotel... :-)