23 June 2007

Father's Day Weekend

Last weekend my parents came into town. They had not seen E in some time. Little E is growing and growing. And a little hair is coming in too. It was nice to see them again. And it was Father's Day. My father had to leave early for an eye doctor appointment. My mother stayed through Wednesday. She spent a full day with M and then a full day with E. I just think it is very important for the kids to get know the grandparents well and I am thankful that my parents have the time to spend with their grandchildren.

Father's Day weekend was much like any other weekend around our house. I try to get something done around the house, but usually it just ends of in more added to the TO DO list. Last weekend was no exception, but that was more of my own stupidity. I decided to recaulk the some of the windows and the patio door in the back. I was doing very well taking out the old caulk and putting in new caulk. I decided to let it dry and paint it the next day. Well, I went to start painting and noticed that the paint was running off. Upon careful inspection of the back of the caulk bottle I noticed that it said in tiny letters "Paintable No". Blah. Back to Lowe's for some paintable caulk - this time carefully reading the label. Back home for a trial of putting paintable cault over non-paintable caulk. Well, the trial worked and we have had a couple of rains and no paint running off. Now I just have to do everything esle!

A couple of weekends ago we went to see Thomas the Tank Engine in Baldwin City, Kansas. M likes Thomas and I heard about Thomas coming to the Kansas City area so I thought it would be neat for her see this. The event is more or less a genius marketing ploy that happens to include a ride in a train that is being "pulled" by Thomas the Tank Engine. Overall it was fun. Lots of activities to do, all naturally centered around Thomas and his friends.

Little E is starting to eat mushy foods. He likes it. So far he has tried some prunes, apple sauce, and some veggies (hard to tell when they are all mushed up).

Weightloss Update

In order to keep it "real" I will be posting my progress on my weight loss. I really need to lose weight and have started a life-style change program.

Weight June 11, 2007 - 294 lbs

Weight June 18, 2007 - 287 lbs

Making progress slowly but surely. Ultimate goal is 230!

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